Hurricane Katrina
Katrina poster Katrina happened right around the time that citizen journalism started taking hold online. My New Media & Society class closely followed how the coverage was handled by the major news media, and what the various forms of citizen journalism added. I later turned what I viewed as the most important roles citizen journalist sites played into this presentation for a faculty panel.
Sequencing of Instruction
Sequencing of Instruction This is one of the topics I became interested in during grad school. I created this presentation for a class, with the thought that I’d go in and complete it sometime in the future. I haven’t, but it could still happen. You will need the Quicktime player in order to play this presentation. The Quicktime player can be downloaded for free at <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>.


Association of Working Class Academics
AWCA webpage The Association of Working Class Academics advocates for students and faculty of poverty- and working-class origins, strives to implement reforms designed to assure greater class equity within colleges and universities, establishes relationships and connections between poverty- and working-class academics, and serves as an informational resource for those interested in issues affecting poverty- and working-class people.
RGrlz website I started Rainbowgrlz as a yahoo group in 2001, as a gathering and planning space for lesbians in the Delaware / Philadelphia / Southern NJ areas. By 2006, the group and its subgroups covered six states and had over 1,000 members. Several groups in other areas were started out of rainbowgrlz as well. The purpose of the groups is to function as a starting place for planning face-to-face get-togethers, rather than an online-only group.While the yahoo groups remain, the new website was added to keep the community informed of relevant events and to foster political involvement.


Alix Dobkin teaching ASL for one of her songs
Alix Dobkin teaching ASL This was created as part of the Golden Threads website. Christine Pattee had taken a series of photographs of Alix Dobkin teaching a group of women to sign to one of her songs. Alix kindly allowed us to use the music.

WEB PROJECTS (Historical)

Few, if any, web projects live forever. Below are some of the projects I’ve created that are no longer in active use.

NYU Higher Education Opportunities Programs Online Writing Workshop
HEOP I created this site while doing my graduate work at NYU, and teaching in the Opportunities Programs. It includes a Perl/MySql/Flash Tutors Office, where students can upload papers, then tutors can work on them and return them to the students.
Computer Anxiety
Computer Anxiety Measure Back in the last century (say, around 1998), there was a lot of discussion among Educational Technology researchers about whether computer anxiety affected the performance of students working in online environments. Since no online computer anxiety measure existed, I decided to create one from an existing hardcopy instrument. This was also a way for me to learn either Authorware.
Claris HomePage Tutorial
Claris HomePage Tutorial The first web tutorial I created. Created in Claris HomePage, while I was learning it.
Golden Threads
Golden Threads Golden Threads was founded by an amazing woman named Christine Burton, when she was 80 years old. You can read more about her on the Golden Threads page about her, or on one of the sites about the documentary film made about her: for example, itvs or PBS: POV.
NYU’s Center for Online Learning & Pedagogy (at NYU)
Opportunities Programs Computer Literacy
Opportunities Programs Computer Training
Computer Anxiety Measure This is the project I created for my dissertation research. I was studying whether we could use some specific software techniques to help improve learning for students who are not skilled at self-regulation.
Visual Guide to Writing
Visual Guide to Writing I started this site in grad school, as a way of learning HTML. I soon started working with Director, though, and switched almost exclusively to interactive software for some time. I tripped over this again recently and thought it might make an interesting Flash project . . .
Website for writer Sharon Mitchell
Writer's Site One of the first sites I did that was completely non-academic in nature.

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