GOLDEN THREADS is a celebration
for older Lesbians
in legendary Provincetown
celebration ACTIVITIES

If you're coming for the first time, the White Hat Ladies will welcome you and make you feel at home. Whether you're alone or partnered, new acquaintances and old friends will invite you to join them for dinner, a drink at the bar or a stroll into town. Meet new friends at the Early Bird Extra Activities, whale watch and lobster barbecue, on Wednesday.

Thursday afternoon is orientation and "Getting to Know You" with Joy and Judy, producers of the Golden Threads Celebration. The evening holds a very special entertainment event.

Friday, it's a warm-up, casual dance to the music of the 1940's. Bring your 40's style clothing and "smooth" dance to the oldies.

Saturday morning, Barbara Love facilitates the Pioneer Feminist Reunion, for lesbian/feminists active during the days of Women's Liberation. Saturday afternoon, it's belly dancing with Jamie Anderson and a theater performance by Marj Conn. Saturday is the big Dinner/Dance/Banquet where we dance and "swing" the night away. DJ MaryV offers Big Band, 50's rock n' roll, Motown, early disco and plenty of nice and slow.

During the day, you can join in workshops and discussion groups or just wander around Provincetown's fascinating shops and beautiful beaches


Golden Threads Schedule

Phyllis and Mary, NJ

Early Bird Extras
Wednesday, June 18

1 PM Whale Watch, Dolphin Fleet
6 PM Dinner, Clem and Ursie’s

Thursday, June 19
12-4 PM Registration
1:30 PM Orientation with Joy and Judy

Joy and Judy, producers of Golden Threads, welcome you.

2 PM "'Getting to Know You" singles, newbies, couples
4:30 Judy and Joy's hors d'oeuvres party

8 PM Concert

Friday, June 22
Picnic Lunch
Workshops and discussions
Casual dance to Music of the 40's, 50's, 60's
Saturday, June 23
Pioneer Feminist Reunion
Performance by Marj Conn
Banquet Dance with Mary V, DJ extraordinaire
Sunday, June 24
Bonding discussion
Closing ritual 


Change partners and dance! There are no wall flowers at Golden Threads!

"A lot of women can never get out of the chair to dance. They say, 'I can't dance' and I say, 'OK, I'll dance around you.'" -- Mary Lou, MA

Mary Lou, MA and Lillie, VA

Malola, AZ

Phyllis, Czech Rep. and Carla, Canada.
Denise and Maureen, MA
Slow Dancin'

Margaret, MD and
Marie, WI
Hilda and Christine, WI
Essjay and Pam, RI

Fast Stepping Country Dancing
Elizabeth and
Carol, CT
Mary, NJ and
Carol, CT
Carol, CT, teaches line dancing.

Dressed to Dance

Conga, Conga, Conga!

After the Ball is Over....

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Gathering Together

After Joy's hors d'ouvres party, everyone gathers on the beach for cocktails.
Phyllis, Czech. Rep. and Renee, MA share a Shabbos (Friday night Sabbath) ritual.
Margaret, MD and Kathy, CT share conversation and breakfast.

Lillie and a friend enjoy a drink at the bar.

Cari, NY and Suzanne, Australia
Jerry, and Mabel, AZ sing along with Judy, MA.
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Two hundred Lesbians are served a delicious banquet at Provincetown Inn.

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