GOLDEN THREADS is a celebration
for older Lesbians
in legendary Provincetown
Early Birds

Many women arrive early to enjoy the attractions around beautiful Provincetown.
On Wednesday, we go on a whale whatch with the
Dolphin Fleet

Lesbian Celebration Whale Whatch
Sharon,PA and Debbie, MD play cards while waiting for the whales to appear.
Golden Threads Lesbian Celebration Whale Watch
Ann, PA and Barb MI on the boat ride
to see whales.

followed by a lobster feast at Clem & Ursie's...

Golden Threads Senior Lesbian Feast
Golden Threads Lobster Feast
Lynn and Midge, FL - ready to dig in to a perfectly cooked lobster.
Elizabeth and Carol, CT finish their feast.

Thursday morning we take a walking tour of Provincetown from Women Crafts to Wild Hearts Erotica Shop.

WomenCrafts is Lesbian-owned and operated, and for nearly three decades has provided jewelry, pottery, gifts, Lesbian/feminist literature, music and videos to its many loyal customers.

Senior Lesbians browsing at Womancrafts

Margaret, MD and Pauline, MA examine woman-made jewelry at Womancrafts.

Golden Threads Shopping at Womancrafts
Joan, MA; Margaret, MD and Malola, AZ discuss their book finds at Womancrafts.
Senior Lesbians on Commercial Street
Senior Lesbians at Wild Hearts Erotica Shop
Essjay and Pam, RI stroll down Commercial St., Provincetown's main drag.
Marie, WI and Marg, MD find all sorts of interesting things at Wild Hearts Erotica Shop.
Senior Lesbians at Sunset
Ellen and Dolores, NY and Ruthann, AZ visit Herring Cove Beach at sunset.












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