GOLDEN THREADS is a celebration
for older Lesbians
in legendary Provincetown

We are Golden Threaders.

At GOLDEN THREADS, we focus on one thing - joy in being a Lesbian!

Senior Lesbians
Aileen, PA and Carla, Canada
Golden Threaders
Sharon, PA and Celeste, MA

For these few days in "P-town," we live lives of total acceptance of who we are, what we are, and our age - whatever it is. We rejoice in the company of those of like minds. We make friends, we play, dance, laugh and share who we are.

When returning home, we’re proud that we are Lesbians, and strong in the conviction that old is an achievement to celebrate in our coming years.

Senior Lesbian Channeling Brando

Senior Lesbians
Evelyn, MA channels Brando.
Rhonda, MD and Ann, PA
Annual GOLDEN THREADS Celebrations are fun-times. Enjoying yourself as a Lesbian woman among other Lesbian women is a time for spiritual enrichment and personal empowerment.

Senior Lesbian Speeaking Out
Old Friends
Kim Kimber, CT, founder of the Women's Music Archives
Old friends, Chris, CT and Deedy, MA

New ideas, new friends, reinforcing old ideas, strengthening old friendships - that’s the goal of GOLDEN THREADS Celebrations.












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